Voted Best Italian restaurant

2013, 2014, 2015


In addition, from the bread to the sauces, practically all our Italian dishes are made from scratch daily, using only the freshest and most authentic ingredients available. There are more than a dozen pastas and sauces from which to choose , and what adds to Mirko Pasta's originality and uniqueness is the customer's ability to pair his/her pasta choice with any desired sauce on the menu. Mirko never wants his customer to get bored or disinterested, so along with the meal choices, numerous salads, Italian cheeses, appetizers, and delectable deserts compliment the menu.

Mirko Pasta also boasts a wide range of wines to pair with your lunch or dinner. The wines of Italy have magical names and flavors to match, but at Mirko Pasta, we serve wine from all around the world.

Although there is are a limited number of specialty items brought in, our Italian food in Nashville treats customers to an authentic "made from scratch" Italian meal using the freshest ingredients, and served in a casual atmosphere, leaving a wonderful taste on their palettes, and money in their pockets. Welcome to our home - sit back and enjoy!

At Mirko Pasta, we like to think of ourselves as "culinary missionaries", and we are committed to giving the customer an experience of flavors, smells, colors and comfort in Italian cuisine hailing from the region of Abruzzi, Italy. We feature a menu that changes with the seasons. Mirko specifically incorporates seasonal vegetables and fruits, and changes up some of the sauces to offer our customers some lighter choices in the spring and summer, and heartier choices during the cooler months.